Captivating Coonoor



If you want to wake up to a sight of breathtaking hills and valleys you got to be

here. Lesser known from its sister hill station of Ooty, Coonoor is situated in the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, around 70kms from Coimbatore.
The most beautiful part of my trip was the journey from Coimbatore up to Coonoor in a local bus which was truly mystifying. The huge mountains along the way are something you just can’t take your eyes off.
The coolness around, fills your breath and refreshes you after a tiring journey. You can also spot many temples along the way showcasing their splendid architecture.
Conoor is blessed with a pleasant climate and ample of wilderness. A paradise of beautiful and rare wild flowers, some of which I haven’t seen anywhere else. It has many famous tourist spots like Sim’s park, Dolphin’s nose, etc etc….. Local people are very welcoming and I felt safe and at ease moving around Conoor.
The main town can get chaotic, but once away from the town you are left to yourself.
If you ever make a trip here do not miss to take a walk up to the nearby Tiger hills. They are just plain ravishing. Also visit the very old British cemetery (though something I wouldn’t visit otherwise, but heard a lot about this one) though a little less accessible and may not be open to public, it’s worth the view-rustic and lovely.
Explore -hiring a cycle and get going, as some interior places are inaccessible by autos and autos are quite expensive in here. While in Coonoor do not forget to try their homemade chocolates and pack some for home. Try the Tea at the local shops – truly delicious. Feast upon the local food especially the Dosas also called roast, Parathas and Idlis. If you’ve got your sweet tooth itching try some of the mouth-watering sweets from the numerous old bakeries, some being as old as 100 years. Also take a trip to the tea museums. Try the eucalyptus oil, clove oil, filter coffee from the local Stores. Take the Toy train journey up to Ooty which is fun.
A 4 day stay in Coonoor is more than enough to explore and experience this heaven and fill your heart with unending freshness and memories.

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