When the Hoysala’s ruled…

My stop at Chikmagalur did give me a strong start (especially their “filter kaffee”) to race ahead and explore more. My next visit was to the nearby towns of Belur and Haleebidu, both 25kms and 40kms from Chikmagalur respectively. The area around has many more gorgeous places to experience and explore especially many historically significant landmarks. I could only experience two of these.
Belur being my first stop-was the first capital of the Hoysala dynasty and so they built the massive yet intrigued Chennakeshava temple in 1117 A.D. This temple built of soapstone has an old world charm that you cannot escape. So beautifully yet so intricately designed you are left to wonder and deeply appreciate the craftsmanship of the hands which built this.

Speaking less- I’ll leave my pictures to do the talking

16 kms away from Belur is where I landed next- at Haleebidu. Another lovely temple built by the hoysalas-the Hoysaleshwara temple is not to be missed. Beautifully carved with every single spaced filled in with lovely patterns of gods and goddess’ and animal motifs. This temple also has a museum which preserves the other artifacts found.

These places and historic marvels are best experienced than explained and hence I must say you should give them a go,though you may not be totally religious,this will definitely awaken feeling of nostalgia within you-as it always does for me-taking me back in time-knowing and being aware that you’re touching something so antique yet so fresh, rock hard yet so delicately carved…so old yet is still so alive to tell its tale.

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