The Still side of Goa- Pilerne village

A peep into my roots is what I have in store in this post-‘Pilerne’,Goa-India a place where I belong to and which I love the most. A quiet village 8 kms from the capital city of panjim, though abundantly blessed by mother nature with open arms this place is hardly know and so I thought why not backtrek to this little heaven. Pilerne is not a typical tourist spot-like most people  think every place in Goa to be.

Decorated with green paddy fields and mountains and valleys, the best thing I like about this place is the amount of peace and tranquility I find here.
Riding here on its long curvy greenery laid roads is an absolute pleasure which allows you to see Pilerne in its full glory especially during the monsoons. It’s a bird watchers paradise as numerous birds can be spotted here throughout the year.

Serenity wrapped, people here are quiet peaceful and easy going. Numerous water bodies grace the land where fishing and boating is carried out.

There are numerous old temples,churches and chapels here. The church of St. John the Baptist deserves a special mention,being more than 350 years old it has a rich history. Worth mentioning is the chapel of Our lady of Candelaria which is based on a high mountain and is considered to be miraculous by people far and near and belonging to different caste and creed. Pilerne also shares historical links with being the place for bathing Adil shah-the sultan of bijapur’s horses.

In the interior parts there are quiet a number of old quarries belonging to the Portuguese era which are now filled with water and are enjoyed by the locals,however they are not very easily accessible as they are nestled deep into the mountains.

On the hill top towards saligao the must see places are the seminary of our lady based in a simulating locality. Also the Museum of Goa (MOG) is the latest attraction here.

Being born here is definitely a big blessing. I would say the peace around here, the coolness in the breeze and the warmth of the people just like any other quiet Goan village is healing.

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