Inside a traveller’s mind.

Heya’s 2018, or better to say 2018 on rollerskates. Since I did not have any resolutions this year, it took me almost a month of putting down some blog goals (well that’s a better way of saying things. The truth I don’t want to admit that I was utter lazy headed just at the very start 😉 ). So here I have put down the very few things I have in mind for this year. EXCLUDING the names of most of the places on my bucket list.(coz I want that to be a surprise for u ..and also coz most of them are still unplanned).

So here we go..

1.Going solo.
Have been planning this for quiet a while now. And can’t wait to try it out in 2018. The plan: just go somewhere, if not too far may be close, but just go, travel alone and discover everything single. There is a different kind of fun in this one. (This will be quiet challenging as I so don’t like being solo. But life is all about challenges, isn’t it).

2. It’s all about experiencing those precious moments.

At times its quiet tiring and we tend to get very very serious when we have to write about our travels. That’s what goes on and on in the mind. The plan- think less about work and just live in the moment and experience it fully.

3.”Look, they are staring at me”

Oh could I be less dramatic! Lol😋.

Ok. What I meant was I want to go star gazing. Who wouldn’t like laying against the soft greens with nothing around except the stars staring at you and you at them. Wow. I can already feel the chill of the night imagining this.

4. Road trip.

Yeah and I mean a trip on four wheels. Wont you like to go on those long beautiful car drives to far off destinations and stop by where ever you feel like. Ok. Same here with me. I love being on the road. And love my long long rides, but this time I want to be behind the wheels. But did I mention I dont know how to drive yet. So learning that will be my first step.

5.Click more pics of myself in the frame.

This is what I personally feel I should be doing. Personalizing my blog even more and what’s a better way to do it than with pictures. For those of us who often like being the fingers behind the cam, forget to pose for one. I do enjoy posing thou. So henceforth Il be having myself more often in the frame.

6.Peace and divinity.

Another agenda for the year is to make a pilgrimage. Ok not exactly a pilgrimage but visit some holy place may be Rishikesh , or Porta or anywhere else . Just to get connected with oneself and to the divine and such places may just put us in the right mindset.

7. Turning heads- over hills.

Yes. I have been going around the South and West of India. So this year I am thinking of experiencing the beauty of the East and the North east of India. What about you?

8.Just do it.
Last but the most Important one- Many a times we often tend to procastinate. I do it with my blog. Often keep thinking and fail to get it in words. So yup, consistency is the need of the hour. So Less procastination, Less thinking and More of doing.

That’s all for now. See ya next time..😊

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  1. paulib005 says:

    Good Write Up…… Hope you make your goals come true…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your good wishes😊


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