The heart of Goan shopping.

If you are in Goa and local shopping is your thing (and even if its not😉) a drop to Goa’s Friday Mapusa Market is a MUST! Mapusa is one of the main city of Goa, India and very easily accessible.

Ok. Let me clarify .. I said ‘Friday market’ as this place is famous for its Friday bazaars since there’s much more stuff that comes up for sale on Fridays, but the other days too are equally happening. Its an ever vibrant, ever prospering and on the go market.

The vibrancy here is just so very contagious! And that’s what a market is supposed to be, right? We have everything in here- from locally grown veggies to fruits and herbs as well as plants and all other kinds of fruits. Plus a major attraction among the female crowd are the clothes stalls with tees and tops and shorts and what not at very reasonable rates like say 100/- 150/-.

If you’re a fan of antiques there are some stalls you are gonna love. One can purchase some beautiful antiques here ranging from coins to old bottles to a loads of other things. These mostly pop up on Fridays.

The art from the numerous big stores you will also find small perfume outlets, (the one right in the centre is a must try, the owner is quiet a customer puller). Other things you can go in for are the Jewellery stores and antique jewellery as well.

The main speciallity why I love being here is the Goan touch to it. One can find traditionally made sweets like the doce, boll , pinagr (Goan sweets mostly made with coconut, rice, jaggery.) which are yumm plus you’ll also find freshly baked bread.

We can go shopping for salt fish, pickled stuff and home made packed items which are a favourites with the Bombay Goans. There is also a nice big stall where all the local artisans displaying their Clay items.

Mapusa market will also give you a variety of wines which are a great alternative to carry back home and yes not forgetting the famous Goan cashewnuts.

If your taste buds itches for some Goan delicacies , you can try some delicious Goan food at numerous goan restaurants like Cafe Xavier’s and Cafe Aurora- which are still standing strong with a fan following since Portuguese time and still hold the authentic Goan feel.

If you happen to be in Goa do give a try to this place it will not disappoint but be all set to bargain and be ready for the crowd as well.

If you are the grocrery shopping type: this place is for you.

If you are the fancy shopping type: this place is for you.

And for those people who just wanna capture some beautiful vibrant shots, what more can you ask for?

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