With love.. from Portugal

Walking through the lanes of a famous market of Goa, Mapusa I found a stall selling bread and similar products and it made me wonder what this simple piece of wheat and yeast means to us.

We Goans love our ‘Pão’ or ‘Poiee’ (Pão is the Portuguese term for bread). Pão is one of the many things that the Portuguese brought into Goa. Initially it was made using Flour and Toddy-which is now replaced by yeast and is baked in a mud oven called ‘Forn ‘.

The Pão goes well with every curry and gravy we have and can even be relished with plain tea.
The traditional bakers who bake them are called Poder again a term derived from the Portuguese term ‘Podeiro ‘.
You will find the traditional Poder coming up to your doorstep in every Goan village to deliver bread, something whichhas been happening from the ages. However the bakers are slowly disappearing. Its something we Need to cherish and keep going.
Coz imagining our meals without a Pão is so difficult.

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