Ferries of Goa.

Have you ever been to Goa or are you the lucky one living here? Then I am sure you must have taken a joyride along this long blue mode of transport, we call the ‘FERRY BOAT’.

Another proud hereitage of Goa, these ferries have been functioning across the pristine backwaters of Goa since decades silently doing their job. Being present here way before all the hefty concerete bridges came up.

A ferry boat may not be anything new to you, not a new invention, are they? But once you see a flat base Goan ferry you will know the difference immediately.

Frankly speaking, I never like riding in one, since I usually take the same route everyday, and that kinda makes it monotonous, but occasionally a ride in one of these, to the beautiful countryside they often leads to can definitely leave you mesmerized.

These humble transport system have been plying people accros rivers since decades, beginning somewhere in the 1880s and with absolutely no charges at all, but at places a few bucks for a ride for the vehicles.

There are around 20 ferries plying around Goa. I’m sure even the locals will be surprised and must have not heard about all of em’. Did I get this right???

Basically all the ferry boats look the same but, more than the ride its the far off, not so easily accessible destinations that they ferry you to that’s make a it interesting.. and For a tourist a ride through these is worth taking as one can see the scenice and unseen countryside of Goa at a very reasonable rate starting from 10/- not much isn’t it?

Though I havent been across all, I thought why not give a list of all the ones I have and have found the ride to be an absolute pleasure, and will be worth taking if you ever think of just exploring more.

… So stay tuned and wait up for the next post to take a ride ‘on my ferry boat’..😋

Until then let the love flow..

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