Hampi-Hubli- 3days. 3k.

Ok! So when we speak of budget travel, It takes a lot of thorough planning and plotting. My trip this summer was to Hampi in Northern Karnataka (India), 317 kms away from Goa ( from where I live), which I planned and was successful in undertaking in less than 3k. Sounds unbelievable right? Believe me. And I did this without the beg borrow steal strategy.

So here I’ll try to give you’ll a gist in my short blog of the way I did it and how I did it, handy especially if you are on a tight budget.

Traveling urges most often are so dominant at times even when cash is hard to get a grip on. In my case a transition to a new job left me with not getting my monthly pay.

Trust me it leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment if you are especially low on cash and yet able to enjoy .. So..lets go…

-P.s. I stay in Goa, India. So all the expenses and prices mentioned below are from Goa to the destinations mentioned. Also prices are true to the time I visited. May change with time

-Rates mentioned are in Indian rupees .

-You can always pair a trip to Goa with Hampi and vice versa.

Travel- Use the cheapest mode of transport. The state run buses are very affordable and not bad as to what many may think. Estimate cost for a person 300/- Else taking a car ride can fit perfectly into budget especially if you share the cost with your friends. Estimate per trip 2000/-Also a local train travel too is a big moneysaver, though not very comfy but sure to save a lot. Train cost 175/- per head for a general ticket. Buses as well as trains connect Hopet to various major cities. State run buses are available from Hospet to Hampi from 6:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m.

For intercity ride use local buses instead of hiring an auto or cab. You save a lot. Like instead of 100/200 in a cab, u pay 15/- per person in a bus from Hospet-Hampi

Stay- Book through online sites. I booked mine using goibibo. I can just swear by that site. Always gives you the cheapest deals. Many lodges are available at very reasonable prices. I booked mine in Hospet 13 kms from Hampi. That was a huge money saver, as hotels were way cheaper here than that in Hampi (Hampi a tourist spot). We got a very fancy place for 750 bucks. (Think smart and you have it sorted).

Hampi- There’s a lot to see in Hampi. A place of 26 kms of ruins. It takes a whole day to explore. So here are some tips for covering this place while saving.

  • Entry fees at certain areas. Around 60/-
  • Instead of taking a guide for 1000/- I had a rickshaw driver taking us around for 450/- and also giving in some info and myths about the place. Quiet interesting. But make sure you double check the facts.

Food- Don’t compromise on the food. If u eat healthy you will remain fit to go around and enjoy your trip.
Anyway food is quiet cheap in South India. However no much of variety.
Consume a lot of water while travelling. Keep yourself well hydrated.

Feast at the Mango tree restaurant in Hampi right besides the Virupaksha Temple. Try their scrumptious thalis and biryani. Won’t fail you.

Hubli- Again there are numerous state buses plying from Hospet to Hubli for cheap rates. approx. 200/- head. Hubli likewise is a great place for shoping especially Indian wear and is highly underated when we think of it. Sometimes If u r lucky enough you may get a 3 star in less than a 1000/- just like I did.

So as much eat local, travel local and that’s gonna save you the big bucks and give you the authentic lifestyle flavours of the place.
So,that’s much it. My travel plan in 3k.

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