Monsoon in Goa… What’s in store!

Hey there monsoon babies…

It’s June.. The monsoon month.☔

Goa right now turns out lush green, fresh and serene beyond words. Monsoon is not a season I like (just wish somebody could spare me the muck and yeww! what not!)

However there are an array of amazing things that monsoon in Goa packs up and these are best experienced in the Monsoon.

So here we go…

1.Bike rides

If you are in Goa, this will captivate you instantly. The fields lined on both the sides (the view in most of the vilages) greet you with their special charm. So a ride though the long stretch roads between them will leave you fresh and mesmerized.

2.The Sao joao celebrations.

Sao Joao is a traditional festival celebrated every year on the 24th June. A beautiful display of people decked in happy spirits and jumping in lakes and wells is what you get to experience. Sao Joao rain dances and pool parties too are famous.


Monsoon is a big break from the beach. Just like everywhere else , the waterfalls all come alive. Many famous waterfalls like, Harvlem waterfalls in the north, Kuskem and Bamanbudo waterfalls in the south, and many many more, come to their full glory. Some easy while some difficult to find yet can be enjoyed equally. Treks to these waterfalls should definitely be tried. Enjoy! but make sure to keep the nature intact and clean.


Trekking is another fun activity to be undertken in monsoon. Many trekking companies take you on many wonderful offbeat treks suiting to your likeability. Give this a go.

5.Get wet.

The title says it all. I love the rides in the rain. Getting wet at times. Who doesn’t isn’t it?

6.Watch the landscape glow.

A view to behold…Watching the lightining over the Mandovi bridge. Not quiet safe, but nature is at its ferrocious best and also the bridge in the background make for some stunning shots. ‘Ignited horizon’ for sure ..😉

7.Cozy up!

My favourite! ( being the lazy bee I am..😋)…. Monsoon is best enjoyed with a hot cup of chocolate while cozying up in bed, watching the rain pour and have your favourite book by your side.

8.Plant a tree and No poaching.

Best time to enrich mother nature. Plant a tree, let it grow and give back and make it count.

So that’s it. Make the best of this season..

Happy Monsoon 😊

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