Into the world of vintage cars- Auto world vintage car museum, Dastaan, Gujarat

As you step into this auto world be ready to be taken back to the old world of luxury. If you love cars, you will be out of your wits and if you don’t! Well,who doesn’t? and especially If they are vintage ones.

The Auto world vintage car museum in Dastaan Ahmedabad and is one of the best car museums in India.Founded in 1927 by Pranlal Bhogilal.

This museum now houses around 106 beautifully persevered vintage automobiles- cars,convertibles,horse driven carriages,motorcycles, sports cars and many many more.

You will be surprised to see vehicles from makers like Bentely, Rolyce Royce, Daimler, Morris Cowley, Cadillac, Packard, Maybach, Rover, Jaguar, Hispano, Bedford and brands we must have not even heard of in recent times.

The oldest in this museum dates back to 1906..Pretty old isn’t it?

The museum showcase cars from an era when cars were a super luxury. Most of these were owned by the Maharajas and Nawabs back then. So you get a chance to watch the royal wheels..

The collection is marvellous. Here have a look for yourself.

Apart from the cars the place has a restaurant, and a huge garden cum farm where you can relax. There is an yearly rally that is held when this cars are taken out for a ride. Apart from this you can drive this vintage ones by paying a small amount of around Rs .500/.

Trust me you need to be here at least ones and you will never ever regret this.

Entry time: 8:00 am -9:00 pm (open on all days)

Tickets: Rs.100/-per head.

Camera charge : Rs 100/- for smartphone cam. Rates differ for Dslr .

Duration :1 hour. But you definitely feel like spending more and more time in there.

Official Website :

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