How to Save big while travelling!

I always feel and say, travelling should be without any bounds, you should travel the way you want. Have money-travel luxuriously. Have less- budget travel or go backpacking, want to experience the wild- camp around, Love the road- go on a road trip. There is no hard and fast rule to travel. At the end it’s just you, your body and mind should be rejuvenated. That’s the magic of a good trip. And that should be the only baseline.

I judge my trips by asking at the end. “Has this been worthy? Do I feel totally satisfied with this trip?” Mostly and 99% of times I do. But you know there are some learning experiences as well. Coz travel is all about learning, about exploring and experiencing.

So, for any reason mentioned or not many, at times we may be compelled to take on a budget travel. Having taken some on an extremely restricted budget myself I feel I maybe in a good enough position to impart some knowledge on the same. Mind you when I say budget- I don’t mean beg borrow or steal . It all boils down to just about using your resources wisely and planning a better way out always.

So for those who travel during the holiday season or otherwise and have a strict budget to follow this post is for you’ll, Well even if it’s not for the budget, who wouldn’t like to save some extra bucks while on the go isn’t it? So read on..

1. PLAN IN ADVANCE– The most important and base of all. Plan thoroughly about- flights, trains and hotels, it’s a big saver. Also research out about the place you are travelling to-how expensive or inexpensive it is. BE PREPARED.

2. LOCAL TRANSPORT– Though highly underrated this is a big saver as opposed to the expensive cabs. Many states have day offers. Like in Gujarat they have special schemes for a full day travel and ladies special too. So the whole days travel to any place can be undertaken within 30 bucks. Awesome isn’t it?

Also renting a bike too is a favourable option. You can halt where ever you wish too and it is way more reasonable. Just remember to follow all the traffic rules.

3.MAP IT– As much as possible cover over all the places in the same locality in one shot instead of going around and spending on transport. A map comes very hand here.

4. EAT LOCAL– Instead of spending huge on expensive restaurants try the local restaurants and hygienic street food. You must have heard the saying-Live like a local (so eat like one now). Trust me, you will save a great deal as the food is delicious and very affordable.

5. SHOPPING– Shop at the local joints may it be for buying souvenirs or other stuff and don’t forget to use your bargaining skills here.

6. MAKE FRIENDS- Make friends with the locals and save big. They will give you the best ideas about where to eat, shop and which places to visit, directions, etc. Also ask for a fair idea about transportation costs around the place. So play smart and befriend a local.

7. CARRY YOUR WATER-Source of life! Can’t do without! Very Important! Water can be one of the biggest money wasters while travelling. Just imagine- if you use around 4-5 bottles of water daily you easily spend 60 to 100 bucks per day. Carry a bottle along and refill it every time you have your meals at a restaurant. Most of the time these places have a purifier. So make the best use.

8. OFF SEASON TRAVEL– If possible always try travelling during the off season. You will save a lot on the hotels, the travel and so forth. So here thorough research is needed. There are various attractions you might trip upon during the off season. Like in Goa during the offseason you get the option of waterfalls and the rates too for hotels are low plus there is relatively less crowd. Also travelling midweek gives you a saving hand on flights and hotels as well.

9 BEWARE WHERE YOU STAY– Book your hotel or stay place in the main town so that you save on the transportation charges. And no matter how tempting it might sound, booking a hotel near a tourist attraction is a total no-no for a budget. Prices are a bomb in such areas. Also refrain eating at outlets or shopping near tourist attractions.

10. TRAVEL AT NIGHT – If travelling from one destination to another its always best to travel at night. This way you exempt from paying the hotel charges where all you would do is sleep.

11- FREE STUFF – Instead of wasting money on places where they have high entry fees visit open places like monuments, temples, etc where there charge nothing for the entry. Here too thorough research comes handy. See which places you would like to see and then get down to the details.

These were a few for now, there are way more trick and tips you can use and play smart. Like Learn a few basic words in local language- very handy and never hurt and saves you from being fooled. However it’s your experience. You make it. You learn. However when it comes to budget travelling remember this: IF IT SEEMS EXPENSIVE, THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT. FIND THAT WAY.

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