Relaxing in an offbeat location- Agumbe ,Karnataka.

My 2018 year end trip was to a hill station in the Indian state of Karnataka- Agumbe .A tiny Hill station 55 kms from Udupi and 107 kms from Mangalore. The first impression you get once you get down at the local bus stand is of total isolation. It has a typical old world charm of an Indian village which is very rare to find nowadays. Immediately you are taken a back to the 1940’s.

Agumbe is a place you can land at when you don’t want to face the hustle bustle of a touristy place at all and can manage living in a place which may be able to fulfill only your basic necessities and needs, or if you are looking for a day off from your busy life or want to unwind just like I did, than Agumbe is a perfect place for you. A day or two are good enough to experience this piece of antiquity.

The moment you step in Agumbe you may wonder ‘where exactly have you landed’ -so different is the look of the place from your everyday vacation spot, though the uphill journey is very pleasant, the twisty tangly roads here are quiet amazing. But before drawing further conclusions dig a little deeper and you may strike gold. Keep your mind and spirit open. Agumbe is one if those place which will definitely surprise you.

Having a glance around, you are sure to notice that Agumbe has very few houses with a cozy environment, untouched by tourist I must say. So here is how I spent my day and what can you expect there. But again I say- everyone has a different experience, you must decide if this is your kind of place before getting there. The best time to visit Agumbe would be soon after rains that’s when the place comes alive, not that it wasn’t lovely now.

It is not your regular tourist spot. Forget fancy restaurants and luxurious hotels and quick cabs and autos. How ever has ample of state run buses to connect you to the main town of Udupi or Mangalore. Agumbe has been one of my most remotest holiday spots ever. You will feel like you have been cut off from the noise you expect when you are on vacations. But that’s the joy of it isn’t it?

Nestled deep within nature there are quiet a few quaint spots you can visit. Like the famous Onake Abbi falls, Jogi Gundi, Kavledurg fort which seems to be quite intriguing, a sunset point nearby and a few more. For me I did nothing of that sort as I just wanted to relax off and found this as the perfect destination. All I aimed was to capture and explore the local life, and the serenity and the true essence of that place.

People here are very simple and very down to earth, offer help willingly. And though seeing the isolation you may worry about your safety, but Agumbe is very much safe.

The simplicity of this village caught my attention like no other , so while all that I did is booked a humble homestay, had tonnes of local yummy food and strolled around in the area mixing and mingling with locals I still felt a strange kind of satisfaction, a kind of fulfillment . Probably because that was all that I needed.


A quaint 150 year old home is the central attraction of this village. What’s so special you ask. Ok the internet it buzzing with the answer if you just goggle for Agumbe. This was a place where a few episodes of the Indian Hindi serial Malgudi days was shot. So yes who doesn’t love Malgudi days right?
Currently this place functions as a homestay. Also this is not very far from the bus stand and on the main road so very easy to find. It has a beautiful architecture. It’s a courtyard house, and you pay here with what your heart feels like giving. When I asked the owner though it was fully booked, what were the charges she answered “We don’t demand , its whatever your heart feels like giving.” Generosity at its best.

This place is one of the few places you would want to stay but you gotta book in advance as it a place many of the travellers prefer (as mentioned not many hotels around. I’ll leave the contact number here- 08181233075)

A day or two in Agumbe with a combined trip or enroute to Udupi, Mangalore, Sringeri, Chikmagalur would be ideal.

Frankly speaking I did not do much in Agumbe, but that was my whole purpose.`Not doing anything´..stayed in a cozy place and mother nature was enough to revitalize me.
My experience just before the year 2018 ends was a much deserved break and of a different kind


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