5 things to do to your shoes while travelling!

Footwear is a crucial part while travelling. Happy feet means you can enjoy more and travel more easily.

Here are my 5 basic footwear tips you gotta follow.

1.Choose the right pair.
Damn! Who would love to have uncomfortable feet while we are out there exploring and moving around! Choose the right fit and the right kind of shoes as per your travel need. Trekking shoes for trekking or hiking ,Sneakers for hoping around the city, or anything else you are comfortable in. Comfort is the key. Choose wisely!

2.Break in.
Break into your shoes. That can be done by wearing them atleast a week or 2 before actually wear them on your trip, especially if they are for trekking or hiking. Get used to them because nobody likes their feet hurting with those bad bad bites.

3.Pack them right.
Shoes are obviously hardcore, so we often tend to neglect them. But in reality they are the ones we need the most. Treat them well and they will treat you well in return. Pack them right. May be in a special case if you can.

4. Hygiene is the word.
If you wear shoes like sneakers or boots than Change your socks after every outing. So it’s wise to carry extra pairs along. Unless you like smelly feet off course. Also if possible sun dry you footwear after every use as our feet tend to sweat. Keeping a anti bacterial spray handy is a good option.

5. Maintain them.
After you have had that amazing trip, you gotta give them a good wash and dry them well and pack them up so they be all ready for your next trip.

So when are you taking up your next one?

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