Why The Oak Barrel should be on your list of must try restaurants in the city.

One amongst my top favourite restaurants in the city of Panaji: Goa is The Oak Barrel. I happened to try it totally by chance, but I never regretted it ever, in fact it’s one of my regular spots now. Here is to why it should be on your “to try list” in the city.

Situated just a Km away from the Miramar Circle, on the right hand side of the Miramar-Panaji road, lies this classy restaurant.

The Oak Barrel has a classic interior with a chic decor you are sure to like. The lower floor has a swanky bar. It’s nice with decent seating arrangement though it may look slightly congested.

I personally prefer the upstairs portion. It’s much more spacious and you can have more of your personal space. The sofas are very much comfortable unlike the ones I have seen in other places where the tables and sofas are disproportionate and kind of low. The lighting, the colour combination and the deco here are warm, earthy and elite.

Speaking about the food, I am a huge fan of theirs. Their oriental flavours are mixed out to best match the Indian taste buds.

Being a Pan Asian restaurant they serve you Thai, Chinesse, Japanesse cuisines and their likes. Their Sushi rolls and Dim sums are the top liked stuff. Their noodles can bowl you over. Having tried almost all of them it’s difficult to choose, but Phad Thai is my any day favourite. They do not disappoint you on the drink side as well, with varieties of whiskies, rums and wines, cocktails and mocktails .

The best things in life comes for free and so is the case with The Oak Barrel, their complementary side dish is a hit, Kimchi and Lotus Roots which are not something every place offers you, and trust me these are really really yum .

A big thumbs up to the hygiene and the food quality. Now speaking about the quantity , I can say its beyond good. The pricing is amazing as well, contrary to what many may think. It may cost you approx. 1000 /- Indian rupees for two.

The service is top notch with the waiters ready to assist and suggest you the best. The food service may take slightly longer but once you see the beautifully garnished food you are sure to forget it all.

With such amazing things and ambiance it is sure a must try place and it won’t take much time to be amongst your favourites, just like it has become mine.

The final verdict.

Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Location with parking: 7/10

Pricing: 8/10

Service: 7/10

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