5 free things to enjoy while travelling.


Travelling can really be expensive most of the times. We all know that. But Hey! Hold on before you put away thoughts about that long dreamt trip because it goes overboard with cash. Here are some things you can cut the cost with and enjoy for free.


We tend to spend a huge amount on food while on a trip. Eating out at the most heard about or famous restaurant is good and eating local too can save money, but listen… food can come for free as well.

Many places give out free meals. Places especially temples have this free meals policy. Like eg the famous Langar in Amritsar.  So you can enjoy delicious food without paying for it.


Feeling lost or just need some info, there are many tourist information centre’s which you can approach and gets loads of information about the place plus copies of the local map and guides too, all without paying a penny.


Instead of paying for visiting places, Google up and visit places which give you free access-museums, forts, parks and even some flea markets where you can enjoy some free music and jam up. Also many big events organized around are free like shopping exhibitions, fest, etc. Take advantage of such events.


Another thing we spend quiet a lot without realizing is drinking water. Save more on water. Refill your bottles every time you go to a restaurant for meals. It’s clean purified water most of the times. And what else? It’s FREE.


Many agencies or start ups may provide you free walking city heritage tours or trips, do your research well, hunt them down and there you go….

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