Fort Reis Magos: Fort Sequerim : Fort Aguada.

If you are in Goa and intend to see some forts these ones are the best deal. Coz you get three within very close proximity from each other and are a great time saver plus being in the coastal area they give you lots of options for a beach day out plus the party area isn’t very far. You can do these 3 forts within an evening.


A 20 mins ride (7 kms) from the capital Panjim, towards the Candolim beach via Nerul will lead you here. Situated on the banks of river Mandovi and right on the main road, this is the exact gorgeous fort you can see across the river from Panjim.

Reis Magos means three wise men (biblical) in Portuguese.Built by the Portuguese in 1551 on an already existing military outpost of Adil Shah of Bijapur, this fort has been used as a defense fortress and a prison until it was abandoned due to its bad state. It has been recently restored to a glorious stature. Being sided by steep staircase, gorgeous settings, picture perfect location, this makes for a current favourite. With some changes done it now includes a freedom fighters gallery, art gallery, History and restoration hall, Gunloops and cylindrical turrents along with a few cannons. The setting is beautiful and you are bound to get some great shots here.

ENTRY: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Closed on Mondays.

Ticket- INR Rs 50/-. For students Rs.25/-. Sundays and Govt. holidays Rs 10/- children below 8 years -free.

Also to explore nearby is the famous Three kings church of Reis Magos built in 1555 on the ruins of an old Hindu temple (see the lion figure where the staircase begins)and the kakdolem beach. There is also a natural spring in the vicinity.


The next in line is the fort of Sinquerim. A slight diversion from the road leading to the famous Fort Aguada stands this fort, diving right into the sea. Constructed in 1612 by the Portuguese, this is a part lf the uppwr larger Fort Aguada. This one has bastion and long steady walls running in both directions. One can get a stunning view of the sea and an even lovelier sunset. For those who love the water, there is a beach on one side of the fortress and the Taj Holiday village on the other side.

Entry: Free.


Another 10 mins ride and around 3.2 kms from Siquerim fort lies the majestic Aguada and this one is quite popular with people. Built on a hillock it gives out a stunning view of the Arabian sea from above. Built between 1609 to 1612 it was named so after the spring “Mae de agua’ which translates ‘mother of all springs’ which provided ample of water to the fort and hence ‘Aguada’ literally means a place where water is collected.

The trademark of the fort, The lighthouse was built in 1864 and is the oldest of its kind in Asia. Initially it used oil lamps and shone every 7 minutes but was then altered to 30 seconds. Now a new light house is built nearby, the light of which can be seen even beyond the river.

The fort also has a chapel and underground water storage tanks which were used in the past

Also if you take a small diversion from the fort is the Aguada Jail. And also the church of St. Lawerence- The patron saint of sailors. These are the other things you can explore around here..

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