5 types of Food you Must try in India!

India is a land of culinary delight.. from species to the sweetness to the tangy flavours, we are home to it all. Though each region has it’s own speciality and loads of authentic flavours. Here are my 5 basic and best types of food you must never miss when down here.


Ranging from the famous Bhel to Dahi wada, from Pani puri to Ragda.. this savoury treat is a delight for the “sour hearted “(pun intendedđŸ˜‹).. with varieties and variation and equal amount of oomph factor to it. If you don’t try these out, you haven’t tried the very essence of India, love!


If anything can define indian cuisine is it’s CHAI or tea as we know it.. It’s impossible to imagine an indian morning without it’s Tea and we have the varieties too..Masala chai,Irani chai, Cutting chai,Tandoori chai, Amrut tulya, ect. Don’t hold back..try em’ all.


Got a sweet tooth? You are in the right place then. We are a hoader nation when it comes to sweets with zillions of sweets to our kitty..It’s difficult to even keep a count; ranging from Rajbhog to Pedhas to the the tempting Jalebees, Rasgullahas and Gulab jamuns.. Lip smackingly yum!


India is truly a place of diversity and our Thalis speak for that. Thalis literally means ‘Plate’. So it’s a place served with variety of dishes in small portions. Each region of India has their own unique thali and this is the best thing to eat and get to know the flavours of any place you visit

Goan fish curry thali,Malvani thali for sea food, Bengali Thali, Gujarathi Thali, South indian thali and the likes…


This is another crispy stuffed indian snacks which is a must try.

With variations, from the Punjabi Samosas to the Bengali Singara, the options and fusions of these are gorgeous on the tongue and brings out the perfect Indian flavours

So go ahead and take this Indian Culinary journey…

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