A Sunday thought..

This picture may look a little out of place….Atleast to me it did initially.
Lying down on the floor where there is not a single strand of soft green grass growing…But I so couldn’t help it..

As a person who have been waiting to do this but only to be starting at night sky with the glowing stars, I couldn’t lose on this opportunity..

With absolutely no one in this corner and the wide open sea before me, the cool breeze blowing up on my face, I laid down to enjoy the the absolute skillful flying of the eagles above me..
Not a fan of birds though but of their flying and swifting skills yes!

Half frightened , half awwed, but still it was so calming…Everything was so perfect!

Life can show you glorious things, just step out of your comfort zone thats what i learnt from this and many more things..

Take some time to pause, keep your phone aside and ADMIRE LIFE…ADMIRE YOU!❤


Joyla Fernandes

Igniting horizons

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