Having a spooky sighting right in the middle of a hillstation in Mahableshwar.

Mahabaleshwar, for those who have visited -is known more for being a hill station which has for long been a honeymooner’s heaven. It’s a hill station in the Western Ghats situated 120 Kms from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Back when I visited Mahableshwar in 2015 for the first time I fell in love with the deep valleys covered with fog during the day time, and the same enveloped in pitch black darkness at night only with only a the tiny lights flickering from the houses down below and the stunning view of the stars in the night sky above.

From then on I couldn’t resist going up there for every long weekend I managed to get. Though being a highly commercialised place, and always flocked by tourists, one can always find something or the other to hold onto your charms.

On my numerous trips here I found out a different aspect of it every time I went around. One which I could say stands out for being totally on the other end of the spectrum is penned here.

The Spooky House.

I had my family along on this one, and we happened to hit on this spot completely by chance. After walking around in the market we decided to take a visit to the so called famous wax museum of Mahableshwar. Walking up through a narrow lane and then climbing up some steps we were there, though the intention was to visit the wax museum, being in front of it made us think otherwise and we decided to ditch that, but instead we were stunned by what we saw next.

Right there just opposite to the wax museum stood a dilapidated structure which I had not heard about nor notice before, and it did seem out of place in the otherwise crowded Mahableshwar- deserted and abandoned. To me it did seem like an old building, abandoned and left to its own and it did arise a sense of fear in me even though I am a diehard fan of horror movies and all things scary.



P_20170930_163310Looks kind of scary isn’t it.

When I saw it reminded me of something, of having seen this structure somewhere before but I just couldn’t remember what. After later research, I realised that it was the same spooky Haveli they used for shooting a Bollywood horror movie DHARNA ZOORI HAI (does that Ring a bell now?)- Which I happened to watch as a child… May be that was the reason for me to get the chills when I saw the place.

The actual reality is that this was a place of worship. It was the old church of Mahableshwar known as ‘CHRIST CHURCH’ which was built in 1842 and which was later abandoned and a new church was erected in the main market area. Built in the English style, this one has arches which capture your attention instantly.

Though the place was there beaming in bright sunlight but something in me told to keep the distance. Strange how our subconscious works!  So I chose to stay away and not go around exploring it. Although I couldn’t make up to seeing it around this time, I surely will do the next time I visit, for the love of all things antique and for the love of curiosity.

This was one of my experiences of seeing something unusual which evoked a sense of fear in me. If the brave heart in you calls for some discovery and exploring around and a different side of this hill station, than you should include this in your must see things in Mahableshwar on your next trip.


Joyla Fernandes

Igniting horizons

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