Seasonal Greetings from Goa- Summer must try!

Come April-May and Goa is on a bloom. Varieties of seasonal fruits bombard the markets. Here are some of the seasonal things you must try when down here during the summers.


This sweet and savoury black colour fruit is a personal favourite. Something you find only during the summer’s.. The raw variety can be pickeled for longer use.


These are tiny white berries which grow in the wild. As difficult as they’re to pluck because of its thorny bush, it’s equally worth all the trouble.


Does this need more description. King of Fruits and the most delicious of all. Available in a wide variety in goa ranging from Malghase, Alphonso, Mancurad, etc. The markets will be flooded with them. Something you definitly can’t miss. And you shouldn’t!


The Healing fruit for diabetes. Fleshy and pulpy and purple.These too are a seasonal variety and shouldn’t be missed.


This pulpy fruit sums up the goan fruit season and Goa in all.. Try the delicious fruit or the cashews nut or the feni(cashew juice), everyone here will surely love atleast some or the other part of it.


Summers screams for watermelons and what else can work up magic for this heat. Though watermelons imported are available throughout. The special gaunti ie local weatermelons of Verna, Parra are what comes up more during the summers, these are locally grown,organic and great tasting. A great way to beat the stubborn sun..

So what are you waiting for? go ahead..Give them all a try..

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