Why this place counts in everyone’s favourite when it comes to sea food.

Crave authentic Goan fish curry or mindblowingly delicious sea food? Head down south to the village of Assolna in Goa approx 15 Kms away from Margao city, right on the bank of the river flowing you will find this famous restaurant called Seamens Nest.

A local fisherman

Seamens Nest is a restaurant many of the Goans will definitely know about. Set in the quiet village, this is a place always flooded with customers- for their good food is so good, of course.With its delicious fingerlickingly delicious menu ranging from crabs, squids and fresh catch of seafood to the basic of prawn curry and rice..it’s a place worth visiting a thousand times..

Squids masala
Prawns Butter fry

My absolute favourite are the crabs Masala (one of the sole reason why I go there again and again )and the squids masala/pepper garlic fry. Their prawns curry too is amazing.

Crab Masala
Squids Garlic Pepper fry

It’s Hygienic, authentic, mindblowingly delicious and a pocket friendly restaurant with a near perfect setting by the river.

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