Why Fort Chapora stands out in every Goa itinerary.

Fort Chapora is not something unknown. If you have watched the famous bollywood movie ‘DIL CHAHTA HAI‘ then I’m sure you know what we are talking about here. This movie has a scene shot here which made this fort quiet famous and a favourite must visit place.

Fort chapora is situated on a hillock in Chapora ,10 kms from Mapusa city. The present structure was built in 1717. Being situated at a height, one has to climb quiet a height to reach it. On my visit here, once we parked our vehicle at the base, we could see the fort clearly. The uphill road is laden with numerous tourist stalls, selling souvenirs and eatable stuff and postcards. The way up to the fort has a newly constructed staircase which which makes it easier to climb up.

Once you enter the fort there is nothing much left of the fort that you can see. What is left is a huge fence wall with a great view around. The best part of the fort lies beyond it’s walls. Beyond the walls of the fort lies a slope which exposes you to some marvellous views. You can sit here and just unwind, write a poetry, read a book, chat with friends or just breath in the fresh open sea. Watching the sunset from here is amazing as its the best view you will probably get.

On the other end you get a never seen view of the Arabian sea, only if you are willing to expore a bit around. Trust me this was my absolute favourite place and I really found it difficult to part ways from here.

So on my visit to the fort it was me enjoying the scenic Arabian sea before me, the blue open sky above me and the gorgeous sunset kissing the hill.

One can also visit the Vagator beach and Anjuna beach from here as they lie quiet close to the fort.

If you want to enjoy the amazing view or just want to visit this fort to tick off you bollywood locations bucket list fort Chapora is a place in the north of Goa you just shouldn’t miss.

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