Reaching the 2 years milestone- Igniting Horizons


…And today seems nothing less than a dream to me. IGNITING HORIZONS turns 2 today. A blog which I started as a leap towards my dreams just on a random day.. and here we are today hitting this 2 years milestone.

A big THANK YOU to all you Awesome people who sailed with me and are still sailing in this journey. These two years have been just like a road trip down some great valley, with  some smooth roads and rough ones too.

The great moment were like those gorgeous views we see on a journey which came in the form of the places I travelled to, the people I associated with, the brands who worked with me, the things I learnt from all this, and all the love I got from you guys. Well there were some tough times too but they all made igniting horizons what it is today.

I am really greatful to all you lovely people for showering this blog with your love and support. You guys are Amazing!

A big hug to all of you! Keep the love coming fam.

The journey has just started!

Love always!


Igniting horizons

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