You will love your Tea after reading this!

Tea has been and always will be one of the most enjoyed drinks of all times. We Indians love our beloved hot steaming cup of that ‘do good’ chai. It’s like an addiction for many of you isn’t it? Well for me it’s an utter sense of warmth and satisfaction when I need it the most.

From my trips to the places which actually deal in growing and processing beverages like tea and coffee, I put down a few things which I learnt about our beloved tea-a few things that most T.V commercials do not tell us ,which made me appreciate my Chai more and perhaps will make you too.

1.Think you know how tall the tea plant grows?
I’m sure we all have seen those pictures of the vast tea estates with the well pruned tea plant or perhaps have been to one. Contrary to the general thinking, tea plants if not pruned, or their growth not disturbed can grow into a huge tree up to 15-20 meters in length. Surprising isn’t it? I was super surprised at this very fact too.

Can you imagine that? A Tea Tree?

2.Tea plant has a lifespan of over 30-50 years.
30-50 years is a really long time. But seeing those tiny pruned shrubs it doesn’t seem that way right? But this is a fact.

However once they stop yielding new leaves they are replaced by new plants and hence are not allowed to live that long! 😔

3.1500 plus varieties
There are just 4 basic categories of tea. While there exist more than 1500 varieties which are infusions and a mix and match of these main categories.

The highest quality of tea is called as “Orange Pekeo” (which usually are whole leaves) and the lowest one is the”Dust” (which obviously mean fine particles left at the end).

How many have you tried huh?🤔 I personally have a long way to go😉

4.Tea leaves should be handled with care.
So I have learnt this from the professionals. We mostly bring our water to a boil and add the leaves to the boiling water. Most of us do it that way. But that’s not the right way.

Over boiling the water can burn the tea leaves and ruin the taste for most types of tea. So the right way is to wait for sometime after the water gets boiled before putting in the leaves for brewing, so that you get to get the best flavor and its benefits.

5.Green, black, white all types of teas are made from the same plant.
You heard me right. Almost all kinds of tea are made from the same tea leave.😲. Nothing different! The only difference in black, white or even yellow is in the way the leaves are picked and processed. As simple as that!

And here is a Bonus tip that you’ll love…

6.Green tea is most beneficial when sipped throughout the day.
Green tea may be on our must have list when it comes to weight loss but are we doing it the right way? TV commercials advertising for the same never speak about this.

Many of us have green on empty stomach-May be after a workout or so. But beware that’s the most risky time.

A tea manufacturer once told me that Green tea should never be consumed on empty stomach nor immediately after meals. He added saying “Just a tiny pinch added to warm water is the best way and the right way to have it, sipping it little by little throughout the day.” This way it doesn’t taste as bitter as it does otherwise and gives you the maximum benefit. (Tried and tasted)😁

So that was it! All this facts about tea made me awestruck and appreciate this humble drink better. I’m sure it will make you too.😊

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