How to get the best out of your Kerala trip.

Kerala as a place can be quite tricky to choose from. We as travellers are spoiled by the varied amount of choices a trip to Kerala has to offer. It’s kind of difficult to choose the best places to visit out of the many options ‘GODS OWN COUNTRY’ bestows on you.

I decided on Kerala with a few things in mind. Already having had a failed travelling attempt the previous year (all due to job requirements you see), this was my second shot planning a completely different itinerary.

So, when I really had to sit back and plan about the places I needed to visit this time (after scrapping all that was planned the last time off course!). I tried to the best of my capabilities to get an experience of the various aspects that make Kerala so unique.

So this is how you can get down to planning that long due Kerala trip and get the most out of it.

  1. THE WOODS- Anachal

Anachal was my first stop. This one is a tiny hamlet on the way down to Munnar. We decided to make a halt here. Our resort for the night ‘Green Height’ was a pretty place hidden deep down in the forest. I found myself privileged enough without much planning or expectation to have dropped by here. Though just a day halt, I couldn’t stop from exploring the dense woods nearby. A long evening walk here was thoroughly splendid and replenishing. My resort too was as green as the place around it. Spending a fresh laidback evening after a tiring train journey, this one put me in the right place on the first go itself. This could make up for a perfect stop form you too, if you wanna experience the quiet and calm woods embedded within city limits.

2.The Hill station- Munnar

The next stop was to the hill station of Munnar. Though again I had these thought that this place wouldn’t be that great due to the tourist overcrowding I was happily proved wrong. Munnar with its luscious green slopes and dense tea garden leaves you mesmerized. I had the best moments her. Firstly, we found a place to crash which was directly overlooking the tea estates-imagine slopes and slopes of tea and the gorgeous deep valleys.

Secondly, there was a small village around and interacting with the people there who couldn’t understand my language neither could I theirs- communicating with them was so much fun and such a beautiful feeling. The walks in the tea estate and the mini chit chat with the happy go lucky tea plantation workers was another memory I’ll cherish.

Frankly, Munnar has its fair share of tourist while there are places where you can still get your own peace and bask in the beauty.

Munnar cannot be missed if you are here down in Kerala. No reasons as to why you should not.

3. A world of its own- Neelakurunji

Ok, Neelakurunji is not exactly the name of any place but that of the resort I stayed at. Well I had to mention it as it is a world of its own. Situated an hour away from Munnar towards Devikulam. The folks at Neelakurunji were hosting me and it was a joy being there. This was one of the best resorts I have ever been to. Why? Read my blog post here: Neelakurunji to know more about it. I would recommend it any day. Even if you don’t visit any other place, this place is your answer to any of your ‘much needed vacations break.’

4. History and heritage- Fort Kochi.

My last and most waited stop was to Fort Kochi. I have made a whole separate post on what Fort Kochin has to offer. Fort Kochi was a burst of heritage. a perfect blend to say. Been ruled by the Dutch, the French and the Portuguese. It’s also the place where the explorer Vasco-Da Gama was buried. Fort Kochi is truly marvel and I am already making plans of having my second trip back here again. Fort Kochi gives you the option of a beach for the beach babies. It also has the ayurvedic touch. You can opt for a rejuvenating massage, something you can’t miss while in Kerala.

Say backwaters? How can we miss that crucial part of Kerala. You can hop on to a water boat while in Fort Kochi itself where many of the homestays offer you a day trip to the nearby villages for a water cruise on the backwaters.

  • So backwaters -YES
  • Massage YES
  • Beach Therapy YES
  • Heritage-YES
  • Woods-YES
  • Tea estates and hill station-YES

What more do you need?

So, there you are. This is how I had my trip planned out to get the best out of this gorgeous state. Go ahead and get planning.


Joyla Fernandes.

Igniting horizons

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