Here is why it’s okay if you have not travelled!

Hey Buds!

The year 2019 is almost about to come to an end and it’s very often the time we go through all the years hits and misses, what has worked best for us and what has not.

Right now, there will be so many of us who will be scrolling through our instagram feed, seeing all the people we follow , friends, relatives, influencers, posting pictures about the lovely vacation they are at or just been to and of having a gala of a time. There would me so many of us sitting there being grumpy of how we could not make it to that much planned trip this year or fulfill our very own bucket list.

This post is dedicated to all of you who did plan to be out there on the road, to the ones who did have a list of places you wanted to go to, to be out on a wonderful vacation, but couldn’t!

As any new year begins all of us do make plans, but it may not always work to the best of our interest. There could be some who have been planning of taking a break from your busy life but not been able to do it. Those who wanted to go on that much planned trip but financial difficulties kept putting you off. Those who had other commitments which stood before your love for travelling and experiencing the world. Those whose health did not allow you to do as your heart desired. There would definitely be some whose plans failed a number of times due friends ditching up on the last moment.

Here is a word for you all.

Don’t be disheartened. Cheer up- A new year awaits you ahead. Let not somebody else enjoying their vacations put you down. Let not others be the reason forcing you to travel. Let it not be a compulsion. Let it be your decision of how, when and where to travel.

To the ones with a way busy work schedule or for those not having much time off for a vacation- Smart planning is the key. Take that New Year calendar and check out for those weekends you can squeeze that much needed break into.

To the ones on a budget- Plan your penny. If not a long trip, just go somewhere around your state borders-will make you feel like a vacation, away from home and be less heavy on your pockets as well.(Works for me when I’m tight on cash yet wanna go around.)

Go somewhere close. But go if you have to. Let money not be the thing pulling you back from having that experience. Plan smartly.

To the ones with health issues- Rock yourself back to health to do that trek you always wanted to do, to go do that adventure activity you always wanted to. Challenge yourself. Work on yourself. Grow. Explore.

To the ones who haven’t made that trip due to last minute friends cancelling up. Take it as a challenge. Don’t wait for others. Go solo if you have to. But GO!

Lastly a word to all of us (I’m including myself here). Let travelling not just be a compulsion which we do coz we see people on social media doing so. Let it not push you into doing it for other. Let travelling be something that ends up making you happy and not grumpy about the days wasted, or the money spent. Let it be the way you want it to be. Let it be your way.

And lastly it’s still a few days down for the year to finish, so go on and gift yourself a happy merry vacation if you can work it out smartly.

Much love and warm wishes

Joyla Fernandes

Igniting horizons