Visiting Mystic wood: The only Butterfly conservatory in Goa


Who doesn’t love these colourful wings flapping creatures?πŸ¦‹

I recently happened to be at
Mystic woods- A Butterfly conservatory in Priol, Ponda North Goa some 28 Kms away from the capital city of Panaji.

We planned this trip in advance since I was wanting to make this trip for quiet some time now.

The schedule was made and we left quiet early. It was all so gorgeous with the early morning sun beaming up so beautifully, but that we luckily missed a minor mishap when our vehicle lost control due to a tyre puncture.

Leaving that horrifying part apart and after mending that we continued futher until we reached the village of Priol.

A short intended halt to enjoy authentic Goan breakfast was to follow. Mind you I stayed hungry the whole way πŸ˜‹as I pretty much love eating out at the local eateries in these interior places. The authentic local flavours come out the best at such places.

Moving on, It was a bit tricky Finding out this place at first but I always enjoy being lost and when the journey is laden with paths passing through huge arecanut plantations, green fields, cashew trees and tiny streams who would mind!

Mystic wood is the brain child of Mr. Yashodhan. It’s based up on a small patch of a hill which is futher developed by the owner into a natural butterfly conservatory. The butterflies here are attracted not to the flowers but to the special variety of plants that are planted here.

Apparently there are quite some varieties of butterflies one can spot (word of mouth!) However my bad I could see only a few as this wasn’t the right season for them..(wont give up! Another visit to follow soonπŸ˜€ )

Anyway it was worth the time since it’s like a tiny cool little forest of its own and it was quite refreshing being up there.

I also happened to meet Mr.Yashodhan who happened to be a lover of everything antique. He has a huge collection of rare stones, meteorites and fossils which he has collected from across the world which was totally worth the trip.

It was totally worth going through every fascinating bit of these antiques and hearing out the stories he had to tell about them.

Mr.Yashodan also showed us around his property, a house with an inbuilt water harvesting system- eco friendly and so lush.

So if you ever want to spend some time watching this butter beauties make a dash to Mystic woods.

Best time to visit and have a glimpse of most of the types of BYTTEEFLIES-SEPTEMBER TO NOVEMBER.

There are a lot of temples in and around this place you can make a dash for. Also the famous Mangueshi temple is also at a short distance. A visit to the Carambolim lake for some bird watching can also be done while on the way..

Where: Mystic woods-butterfly consevatory Priol Ponda Goa.
Entry:INR 100/- per head. .

*Note: This is not a sponsored post. All experiences and views, experienced and expressed are my own.