50 things to enjoy indoors during the Corona outbreak.

The first few months of 2020 in itself has seen a lot. The current pandemic of Covid-19 is a big blowout to everything and everyone. This pandemic has left most of us if not all to stay indoors, Self quarantined, Work from home, and to ourselves.

In one way it’s good. We can get back to a lot of things and mostly to ourselves.

Here are 50 ways in which you can spend your time if you are staying indoors-which you should.

  1. Read that long on hold novel.
  2. Play and cuddle with your pets. Best thing to do trust me!
  3. Clean your room and your personal space.
  4. Try your hands at some painting and soak yourself in the world of colors.
  5. Cook a hearty meal and enjoy it of course.
  6. Learn to dance a new dance style.
  7. Watch a movie or your favorite show.
  8. Spend your day listening to all your old favorite tunes.
  9. Learn a new instrument or play the old ones you know.
  10. Research on your next destination you could travel to after the pandemic.
  11. Spend a day in bed with your partner. Cozy up! Cuddles are the best.
  12. Watch old family albums and videos.
  13. Have a long heart to heart chat with your parents.
  14. Pen down your thoughts on a personal diary.
  15. Having an indoor romantic picnic or meal with your love.
  16. Do some productive courses on Coursera/Udemy.
  17. Make youtube videos. Give a go at em’.
  18. Clean your laptop/ phone of the unwanted junk.
  19. Switch to learning some new healthy diet recipes.
  20. Clean your wardrobe of the unwanted clothing you never gonna use.
  21. Have a gala time painting your nails. This one’s just for the ladies though!😉
  22. Watch a match or any of your favourite sports.
  23. Play indoor board games.
  24. Plan for some next innovations in business.
  25. Plan up some investment strategies.
  26. Try some DIY hobbies and tricks.
  27. Give a phone call to your loved ones and spend some time speaking with those far off buddies.
  28. Have a drink or two and just relax.
  29. Lie out on your terrace and watch the stars stare right back at you.
  30. Try your hands at gardening. You may discover you have those green fingers.
  31. Binge watch Netflix for a day.
  32. Just plain sleep!
  33. Write a blog.
  34. Work up on promoting your business or craft up on social media.
  35. Pamper your children or spouse or your date with all the love they deserve.
  36. Organize all your travel pics or may be make a scrap book.
  37. Exercise /workout until you feel it.
  38. Sit back with a cup of coffee and stare at nothing.
  39. Meditate or try some yoga.
  40. Try some new makeover/hairstyles/makeup. Fancy up.
  41. Admire yourself. Play some music, dance, sing and feel good.
  42. Try your hands at photography.
  43. Plan your budget or expenses.
  44. Listen to some Ted talks or inspirational speakers.
  45. Watch some memes or just have a hearty laugh. Smile! It makes you look so much better.
  46. Spend some time in solitude in your favourite PJ’s.
  47. Try your hands at calligraphy.
  48. Learn something about stock markets.
  49. Bake a cake.
  50. And finally just stay safe and keep everyone else safe.

Hope things get back to normal soon. Till than be safe!

Much love

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