How to be travel focused during Corona lockdown!

The world has been gripped with the Corona nightmare and with this lockdown in many countries, including here in India; it’s difficult to keep sane, after exhausting the list of things one can probably do sitting inside.

However being a travel enthusiast, travelling is one thing that keeps me motivated looking ahead to it and at the same time leaves me restless seeing the far off possibility of getting out for now.

Safety comes first and it is utmost important to stay indoors and safe during this crisis. While letting your mind wander and learn and prepare for some future travel can never go into a waste. Here are the things I am investing my time into preparing for some future supposed travel.

  • Googling about the next destination in mind and allowing my eyes to pop out over the gorgeous views the net has to offer. (I’m secretly dreaming about vienna🤗 )
  • Learning about some basic traditions of the place, some unique things and other basic information like how to get there, time needed to explore, popular places to visit, etc.
  • Researching about the festivals and events I can get to see and the best time of the year to catch them.
  • Learning a few basic words I would need to know to get around the place.(Plus I get to brag about it with friends as well..😜)
  • The most basic one -doing some basic budgeting.

And finally, continuing dreaming about travelling.

But that’s a long time from now until the pandemic doesn’t get cleared off completely. For now its safety that matters the most.

So stay indoors, avoid travelling-because that can wait.

Stay safe.

Let’s fight it together.

Much love and high hopes.