Get it right! A bagpack packing guide

IMG-20200411-WA0014A Travel bag is the most essential accessory for any kind of travel. Well I love and prefer carrying my 60L backpack along to most of my long trips I go to. Why? Simply because we can carry our whole world in that and right on our shoulders.

Well packing a bag pack right is somewhat complicated at times but it’s crucial. Why I say so? I have learnt my lessons the hard way. Once, when a wrongly packed backpack almost made it impossible for me to walk (perhaps run) for a while to the only available and almost departing public bus. There was also this embarrassing moment when I had to dig in for my ID proof after emptying almost half my bag in a hotel lobby (Embarrassing).So then, trials and errors and a little bit of research led me to this 5 downright bagpack packing tricks you gotta do.


  1. Pack keeping the weight in mind
  • When you pack your backpack, start with the lighter stuff and basically the things you will not need until your destination. Pack them at the bottom of the backpack.
  • Heaviest items from your luggage should go in next. Always put the heavy items closer to your back for that extra support and balance.
  • Make place for the lightest stuff just besides the heaviest items so that they fill in the front portion of the bagpack.
  • The lighter items go on top.
  • Keep items you may need on immediate basis in the smaller compartments or somewhere they are easily accessible.
  1. Pack only what is needed.

We might often feel we need to take those extra clothes just incase we may need it or those extra pair of shoes just incase these doesn’t match with the outfit. Trust me! Skip all that you take in the name of “just incase”. Make a list and ask your self will you absolutely need that particular item?

  1. Roll them up!

This might help you pack better and save a lot of space for other utilities. Also take clothes that are versatile and can be mixed and matched and worn. Makes you carry less as well!

  1. Delete the blank spaces.

Fill any empty spaces like shoes or any pots you are carrying with other smaller stuff. The trick is not to leave any blank spaces and thus fitting in the smaller stuff into the bigger and emptier ones.

  1. Use smaller pouches/bags.

Buy smaller zipper bags and store one kind of stuff together. Like all your required toiletries can make to one pouch. Makes it way easier to hunt for themSo there you go.

These are my tricks to get my baggie up and ready. Try them the next time you get your bagpack ready for a comfortable journey.Stay safe.

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