Top things to do in Vengurla- Maharashtra.

When I was little and would end up at my Aunts place for summer vacations, I would often hear her chit chats with a lady about her native place-Vengurla. She would often brag how lovely that place was, about clear blue beaches, the abundance of seashells they would get, the fresh fish and the about the beach being right in her backyard. Damn I would say “why I couldn’t have one in my backyard!”

Well I recently had a chance to be there. And I can say it was just like I had pictured it to be with houses out there just nearing the sea shore-A private beach of their own! Wow!

Vengurla is a tiny fishing town on the southernmost district of Sindhudurg of Maharashtra, India. It lies at a distance of 65 Kms from Panaji, state capital of Goa and 48 Kms from the town of Malvan in Maharashtra. It’s well connected with road transport and can be easily accessed.

Vengurla is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the Arabian Sea on one. After exploring around I would suggest a weekend stay would be just enough to experience and explore Vengurla. Here are lists of things one can do in vengurla.

  • Attack the beaches- Damn they do have pristine gorgeous blue water-white sand beaches, with relatively less crowd. Make a visit to the Mochemad beach, Ubhadanda beach.
  • The Local market- One can find abundance of fish in Vengurla-salted fish is one thing this place has repute for. So if you’d like to buy that than hunt the local market for it. Plus the locally grown mangoes too are a great buy.
  • Lighthouse- Yes! Vengurla does have a lighthouse which lies quite interior but once you find your way here you’ll get a gorgeous gorgeous view of the whole Arabian Sea from up there. Well, it was here that I had my first climb up a lighthouse and it was a thrilling experience.


  • Dutch factory- Vengurla was a naval base for the Dutch during the 17th Dachanchee Vakhar as it is locally called is an abandoned Dutch fort currently in ruins but well if you have a thing for such places, go see!
  • Food- Vengurla has more of a Rice, fish curry cuisine! Fish Thali here is a must try. Also lighter snacks like Misal pav should be tried.20190601_0821517120821353584672143.jpg


-Best time to visit-November to March

-How to reach-Take a flight to Goa and than a local bus or private cab to Vengurla. If you take a train, make a stop at kudal and than a cab, bus or auto can drop you here.

Vengurla is a quiet little town with a beach in the backyard situation, homely and peaceful with very less touristy activities. But that’s what we really want sometimes.right? Well, it’s surely worth a small stopover for a weekend gateaway.

*This is in no way to encourage you to travel during this Corona pandemic.

*This are just my views on a place I visited before the lockdown.

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