Things you got to experiment with while travelling.

Travelling opens our soul to new experience. We happen to see a new side of the world, new cultures, new traditions, and people of all sorts. Travel broadens our perspectives and somehow makes us a better person which I truly believe.Well, there are some routines we like to follow when we travel like for e.g. booking a hotel through the same website everytime or staying at a same kind of place, etc. Its right! We need to go with our trusted choices but switching things occasionally can make travelling a unique experience and so much fun. Here are some things that the traveller in you should experiment with to have an exciting and new experience.

●Accommodation: Very often most of us would prefer to stay in a decent hotel. Staying up in a tent house could be so much fun, don’t you think so? Try out different options-a resort, a tent, a dormitory-if you’d feel safe, a homestay with a very homely feel, a hostel with lots of fellow travellers to connect with. The options are unlimited. You just gotta explore.

●Hitchhiking: Ok this one may be a little more on the risky side. So unless you feel absolutely safe and sure about it think it through. Going the beg, borrow (ah ah! sorry not the steal) way can be another kind of experience. You can share your stories with people, listen to theirs, plus you get to your destination free and fun. Win-Win!

●Cuisine: Food brings out the soul of the place. Sometimes you may hesitate to try out the local cuisine of the place but that’s the real essence no? Try out as much as you can, go local; try some street food (definitely consider the hygiene part though). Every place will have something unique you will never get to try it authentically anywhere else, think about that! Enough to make you go all out right?

●Transport: Lastly it’s not always needed to go full on posh while travelling. Taking a ride in the local transport has its own fun and experience of a kind. You get to see the real side of the place. For e.g the real feel of Mumbai(India) is in the overcrowded local trains, if you haven’t seen that than consider you havent experienced the real Mumbai. The point is taking a local ride makes a difference in your experience. Take that tuktuk, or that local bus or maybe that sharing jeep up the hills. This will leave you so much more open and accepting.

Some risks are worth taking, some experiments can turn your experience beautiful. So go see the world, experience every side of it. Stay happy. Stay safe

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