Unique places in India you will never find anywhere else-My bucket list.

India is a land of marvels. Well every place here has its own speciality and uniqueness. But there are few places you come across ever once in a while that can leave your jaw touching the floor.

When I come across such a place, I always make a note of it in my journal so as to see it someday. Here are the most unique, curiosity building ones I came across. They are on my bucket list and maybe will make up to yours too.

  • The Floating stones at Rameswaram: Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu boasts of these usual looking rocks which are only found here. This stones which may weigh 10kg plus, astonishingly float in water even with that weight. A scientific-religious debate about this is on, but stones and floating? Got to see right?
  • Dog temple Channapatna: Situated in Karnataka in south India is a temple which is like no other. The main deities’ worshiped here is not that of any human or mythical forms but that of 2 dogs who disappeared from the village. Villagers now believe them to be the protectors of the place and have a big yearly celebration in their honour. Now that’s an apt tribute to mans most loyal friend.
  • The floating church at Shettihalli: The Rosary church in Shettihalli, Karnataka in a unique place to see. The church remains half submerged underwater during the monsoons and is on dry land for the other months. A boat tour through the abandoned ruins of the flooded church is exciting and a unique thing to watch the gothic beauty of the abandoned floating church.
  • Neelakurinji Kerala: Neelakurinji are purple flowers which bloom in Kerala and give the give the place a lovely purple hue. What unique about this you ask?  Neelakurinji flowers bloom just once in 12 long years. How’s that for a wait?
  • Magnetic hill Ladakh: A hill located in the serene landscape of Leh in Ladakh. Famed and loved by bikers for the strange phenomenon you get to experience with the vehicles here. This place looks mysterious as vehicles here seem to work against gravity and move in the uphill direction instead of going down.
  • Shani Shignapur: A strange and devote place in Maharashtra where surprisingly none of the houses have doors. People of the area hold a strong believe that the god ‘shani’ protects them and no theft can ever occur in here.
  • Chand Baori,Rajasthan: There are many step wells in India. But what’s fascinating about this one is that it stands at an astonishing 100 ft and has more than 3500 steps down. The intricately built architecture makes it stand apart from the other step wells and is a unique treat to the eyes.
  • Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh Dargah Shivapuri,Maharashtra: Situated around Pune, this dargah has a strange phenomenon occurring. There is a stone in the vicinity weighing around 90 kgs and no single person has ever been known to lift it up. The only and astonishing way of lifting It is when 11 men come together and lift it up that too only with their index fingers. Super awe. Who wouldn’t want to witness this.
  • Blue city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan: The city is named so due to a reason many of us will surely know.  A view from the ancient fort of Mehrangarh and you could see many of the houses painted blue, draping the entire view in a shade of blue. Worth seeing once in a lifetime.
  • Yana Rocks Kumta, Karnataka: Yana village is famous for its unique rock formations which are huge black coloured rocks of Karst limestone. The structure from a distant is eye catching. It even has a temple in the vicinity
  • Mummy from Gue village, Himachal Pradesh: You may have heard about the mummies of Egypt but here in India too we have a unique mummy, that of monk Sangha Tenzin. It’s more than 500 years old and isn’t mummified with any external ingredients but from a natural process. Interesting!
  • Langar at the Golden temple Amritsar, Punjab: This is not a place but an experience. Langars are free meals served by the respected sikh community. The one at the Golden temple serves a  massive crowds of 50000 people on a daily basis free of cost, nonstop every single day.
  • Dawki River, Meghalaya: Dawki is a crystal clear river in Meghalaya. So clear that you can see the fishes swimming below, your own refection and almost look transparent giving an impression of boats floating over it.
  • The Turmeric festival: This one here isnot a place but an experience. The Bhandara festival in Jejuri Maharashtra is a unique thing to witness. The festival of Khandoba temple is celebrated with much fervor and joy by strewing turmeric everywhere. The whole place gets drenched in a shade of yellow.
  • Rann of Kutch,Gujarat: A more famously known one. Rann of Kutch is a huge stretch of white salt marsh right in middle of the Thar desert. It’s a glory to see and witness and should be down on your list.
  • Shri Padmanabhaswamy temple Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala: This one’s for any treasure story lovers. This temple in Thiruvanaantapuram is regarded as the wealthiest temple in the world. Interestingly it has hidden chambers filled with treasures. Some of which now opened but still 1 mysterious one still remains intact known to be protected by giant enormous cobras. Curiositsy bites you hard on this one right?

So there you go. Some unique places I’m eagerly waiting to see and explore. Go ahead and tick them off your bucket list as well.



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