Bike riding in Goa-the best scenic routes to try.

Bike riding is a passion which to some is real therapy, a feeling much closer to the heart. To all you hodophiles reading this, you know what I mean right? Riding on ones two-wheeled best friend, roaring through scenically beautiful routes feeling the blast of fresh air against ones face and having that fragrance of fresh air fill the lungs-that feeling is something else.

It’s one of my favourite things to do- Going for bike trips-Bike riding makes me feel free, blows away my stress- I find it therapeutic- so much to say I ride when I’m upset and it instantly calms me down.

Monsoon in Goa especially are perfect for a long ride. Though I’m not amongst those who enjoys drenching myself up, but when it comes to riding or going for a bike ride even during monsoon-I’m game.

If you love going around riding out to some serene places, then here are the best scenic routes I have been to and totally love –sharing them with you. Haven’t included the routes through the wildlife sanctuaries, of course each one of them is gorgeous and well known and should definitely be explored. Here are some other favourites of mine.

  1. Chorla Ghat Road:

My personal favourite is this 800 meters high mountain pass in the Sahyadri mountain range on the borders of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. The roads right from the Keri village in Sattari to the ghats is every nature lover’s treasure. One survives the stomach churning twists and turns only by the distractions of the mind-blowing valley on one side and the mighty hills on the other. There are so many waterfalls along the way that it’s impossible not to stop and take in the breath taking serenity. No points for guessing the area is packed with lush greenery. The view of the Anjunem dam from up the mountain too adds to the eye soothing experience. This one’s totally worth any distance, time and energy.

  1. Salvador –Do-Mundo road:

A long route passing through the village of Salvador-Do- Mundo near Porvorim in North Goa is another gorgeous one. It’s laden with streams and tiny lakes all along the way. The route passing from here to Pomburpa via Ecoxim is a smooth pleasant ride. One can get a glimpse of the laid back village life blessed with abundant of fields and water bodies. The river running along is a constant companion giving you views worth cherishing. This is one of those soothing jolly rides that leaves you calm and happy.

  1. Ponte Conde de Linhares :


You may recognise this one as the long road from Panjim to Ribandar towards Old Goa. I have always admired this one for the historic value it holds along with charm of a smooth beautiful ride. Ponte Conde de Linhares was constructed in 1633 by the Portuguese and being 3.2 km, was considered to be the longest bridge in the world at that time. It’s a narrow road running parallel to over the Mandovi River on one side and the salt pans on the other. It also gives you a fantastic view of the newly constructed Atul Setu as you ride along. Go a little ahead and you pass through the scenic homely Ribandar village with its colour packed houses running along the river shore and then it leaves you at the door of the city of old Goa waiting for it to be explored.

  1. Batim -Talaulim road:

This is my ‘go to therapy road’ as I call it-kidding you not. This route starting from Chimbel through Apna ghar and the army training camp takes you on green ride leading to Batim with its salt pans and coconut trees all waiting to mesmerise you.

If you wanna make this ride more memorable take an inside road towards the Batim lake to the Talaulim church and out joining the Old Goa highway-it will leave you spell bound what an amaze this place is. It’s a road very rarely travelled and untouched by ugly concrete jungles making it beautiful.

  1. Chandreshwar Hill:


This last one here is a bit different from the others. Chandreshwar Parvath is a hill in Paroda in South Goa. The ride up to this 350 meter high hill takes you up to the famous Chandreshwar Bhootnath temple which has its own mystifying legacy. I have a blog post on the same. Do read-‘A fulfilling ride to a 350 meter high Chandreshwar Parvat’ . The road up here being in excellent condition makes up for a smooth ride giving you glimpses of the wild, with trees covering every nook and corner of the road. Occasionally you get to see the locals up in the forest collecting their basics. This is a much enjoyable ride and the bird eye view from up the hill is just fab!

So I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you go out there when it all gets safe and have a ride.

*(Note: This is not to encourage you to travel during Corona-it is just my experiences and expressions which I like to share with your all, Remember to stay safe during Corona. Go out only if the need be- we can explore around when it gets totally safe.)

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