SAVLEM LAKE:A Wildlife hotspot in a Goan village.

Savlem lake, situated in the pristine village of Pilerne in North Goa, approximately 7 Kms from the capital city of panjim, is one of the lesser know natural fresh water lakes in Goa. Located in the quiet village of Pilerne, this lake sits silently at one end of the village but is slowly gaining popularity amongst the locals and tourists alike.

Savlem Lake in it’s full glory.

If you travel down the Chogam road from the O’coqueiro junction towards the famed bakers Street, a diversion on the left from the Amrekarnath temple will lead you down a slope to the village of Pilerne and to our destination the Savlem lake.

Savlem lake which runs around a km long in length and a half a km in width, lies in a valley between two dense hills. The lake is surrounded with dense forest all around but has recently seen rapid construction on one side of the lake. However there is a natural charm to the place which captivates the passerby’s every single time.

The lake has abundance of wild flora and can be seen in it’s true glory during the monsoons and immediately after. One can find a natural spring at one end of the lake and a bird watching point on the other.

In the yesteryear, the spring was flocked to by the locals especially during the summer month to beat the heat and also as it was considered to have medicinal properties.The spring has never dried out till date. Though it was renovated some years back and changing rooms were constructed around, the infrastructure needs to regularly maintenance.

Entrance to the natural spring.

The main attraction of the lake is the bird watching point which has recently gained popularity. One can sight migratory birds like Pintails here and many resident birds like little grebes, brahminy kites, red wattled lapwings, cormorants and many more.

The place is flooded with lush green flora and wild fauna. One can easily spot local buffalos gazing around and having a gala time rolling in the muck. The lake has some quiet amazing flowers that bloom wildly including local variety of Lotuses.

It’s a pretty nice place especially if you’re into bird watching. Here you would definitely find birds chirping freely and peacefully and well you too can have a view of these amazing creatures in their natural surroundings.

So if you are into bird watching or just passing by, this place is worth a go.

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