Trying out the juiciest burgers in Goa-Cafe Basil, Miramar.

A warm earthy artistic ambience, cozy environment and bigger than your appetite portion of the juiciest burgers, that is what sums up cafe basil. Starting from the Miramar circle, two left’s followed by a right will drop you at it’s doorstep. Its a pretty little cafe and this wasn’t my first time here, but it…

Goa Carnival-A photo blog.

The much awaited carnival just happened and Goa was splashed in its glorious colours. With parades and events being organised it kept people dancing to it’s tunes. Take a look at it and keep it as a bucket list for next time you happen to visit.


Fort Reis Magos: Fort Sequerim : Fort Aguada. If you are in Goa and intend to see some forts these ones are the best deal. Coz you get three within very close proximity from each other and are a great time saver plus being in the coastal area they give you lots of options for…

10 astonishing Myths and Mysteries about Hampi.

Who doesn’t love history! A strong dose of the legends of kings, the tales of their mighty kingdom, stories about their treasures and the massive monuments, the good and the bad that prevailed… We love it all… This year when I landed up in Hampi in the southwest state of Karnataka, India, I was amazed….

Hampi-Hubli- 3days. 3k.

Ok! So when we speak of budget travel, It takes a lot of thorough planning and plotting. My trip this summer was to Hampi in Northern Karnataka (India), 317 kms away from Goa ( from where I live), which I planned and was successful in undertaking in less than 3k. Sounds unbelievable right? Believe me….

Town on a Lake- Post alert: It’s not Nainatal.

The recent trip I made was actually a long ride to the Nainatal of the West. Yes we too do have a whole city (just like the famous Nainatal) based around a lake: Sawantwadi, Maharashtra India Starting early for this place by bike , We started at 6:00 am while it was still dusky and…

Art is in the air.

As a man thinketh… As you think, you travel, and as you love you attract. You are today where your thoughts have brought you, you will be tomorrow where your thoughts will take you-James lane Allen… Encountered this beautiful piece of art @serendipityartsfestival 2017, Goa.. Something exciting and enriching to be a part of if…