Visiting the temple town of Karnataka and other adventures there.

Karnataka is a vast state of India and a confluence of many cultures, legends and cuisines. One of the fine towns which is tagged “the temple town of Karnataka” is Udupi. Well ‘Udupi’ may ring a bell to you when it comes to food. For obvious reasons the the origins of the Udupi cuisine finds…

Vacay in Hyderabad? Here is what you must know!

Hyderabad, Telangana, India (formerly part of the state of Andra Pradesh) was ruled by the Nizams from 1724 to 1948, which is a very long time. Their lifestyle has long been Envied by many. They were the monarch of the Deccan-Hyderabad state under the Mogul empire. Hence their lifestyle and preferences has left a deep…

Goa Carnival-A photo blog.

The much awaited carnival just happened and Goa was splashed in its glorious colours. With parades and events being organised it kept people dancing to it’s tunes. Take a look at it and keep it as a bucket list for next time you happen to visit.

“Viva Sao Joao”

A huge crowd of people gathered around a well, giggles and jingles, talks and songs, people having fun, all decked up in colourful ‘ready to get drenched’ outfits, young and old all in jolly high spirits. There is a splash of water and I am drenched. No offense taken this time as hello… Its the…

Hampi-Hubli- 3days. 3k.

Ok! So when we speak of budget travel, It takes a lot of thorough planning and plotting. My trip this summer was to Hampi in Northern Karnataka (India), 317 kms away from Goa ( from where I live), which I planned and was successful in undertaking in less than 3k. Sounds unbelievable right? Believe me….