My love affair with Train journeys.

A Journey of any way is a memory made to last forever in a corner of our minds.

I as a person always gets hyped up over the idea of just going somewhere out. Like for once, I remember the time when I had to make a road trip to Panchgani, Maharshtra and the last day plan made my heart bounce out so much with excitement that I can aptly say “I could literally hear it beating up in my ears.” That’s the excitement level I have when it comes to any journeys.

The journey up to the destination is often a part of the trip and sets the mood for it, well then it’s equally important. For me, train travel holds a special essence, I somehow have come to love it the most.


Why? We all have many stories on our train journey right? I have many of mine too, but this post is not for those stories. This is about that tini mini things that makes any train trips special. So if you’re interested, read further, there may be a thing or two or maybe all that may resonate with you. So read on.

I have always had this childlike feeling towards trains. I did not have many train journeys in my childhood-just the occasional Mumbai-Goa trip to close relatives, but there was something about them I always felt connected to. Every time a train passed by (and it happens even now) I get excited just like a child. Trying to see what name board hangs on it and where the train has come from and to where it’s headed to and than doing a mental check whether I have been there or yet to be.


I love that feeling of preparing for a journey, since the station lies quiet far from my house, that planning and plotting of how early I should get up and leave and if everyone travelling with me will be there on time or miss the train…ah that ticking excitement!! All these make me have no sleep anyway. But I truly love that feeling.


What comes next is the joy of searching for your seat- the running from one bogie to the next, searching for the seat, that hustle bustle! Ah! And then there is also the part of discovering who your travel buddy would be, some goody goody family sharing their tiffin with you, a stranger who can be great company to you or some aunty piercing out her eyes at your mere existence (experiences!). Nevertheless the short term connections we build with people over a train journey are fun, don’t you think?

Then there are the inevitable tunnels. I can’t really say I totally love them. The aural discomfort! Can’t stand it. But still the fun of seeing which one has been the longest and screaming out loud in the dark.. haha..Those lights of laughter in the darknesss.. 😉


The most intriguing things which draws me to train journeys over flying is the ever changing scenario of the landscape, watching people-their lifestyles change from place to place, the types of settlements varying. Moreover the landscapes changing-from vast stretches of fields to barren lands and mountains and so on. This fills me with so much of knowledge about the place and makes me wonder and imagine what it must be like to live there.


Seeing stations cross by and googling them out if something catches my eye is another fun time train activity of mine.


The part of train journeys which cannot be taken away from it- the hawkers and their cries. It may be a nuisance to many, but I literally miss it when I don’t hear their ‘chai chai” early morning.

Well there is a lot more a trains journey can give you, the memories with your gang, the train food you can try, and so much more. It’s not that train journey doesn’t have its ills. But when I look back all that I remember are these pleasant feelings which I have just put down above, which makes me go take up another journey soon again.

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