Fundacao Oriente- a walk through an art museum in Fontainhas.

I cannot stress enough on the numerous  marvels Goa hides in its humble abode. It’s blessed with oodles of natural heritage, yes true! But there are also equal number of man-made marvels here as well which gives one a sneak peak of Goa’s rich glory, culture and its historic and creative perspectives. I happened to stumble upon one such hidden marvel on one of my heritage walks to the beautiful Fontainhas  right in the heart of the capital city of Goa-Panjim.

Now Fontainhas is already quiet well known as the beautiful ‘Latin quarters of Goa’, is a place most of us may have been to, but I’m sure that maze of a place can  get quiet complicated at times and It’s easy to miss some real good stuff. Plus the place is always on an update- Every time I be there is something new I discover or come across and it always leaves me over whelmed. This time it was the ‘Fundacao Oriente’ art gallery which houses the gorgeous Trindade collection.

Based on the Filip Neri Xavier road, Fundacao Oriente is an art centre which conducts cultural as well as artistic events. It is one amongst many of the Portuguese styled monuments in the vicinity. Built in an Indo-Portuguese style, this one sits quietly hidden within a peaceful ambience. The simplicity of the place is alluring.

The main attraction of the gallery is the Trindade collection which was donated to the art centre by the Esther Trindade Trust in 2004. The gallery houses some stunning painting of the renowned Goan painter, Antonio Xavier Trindade  as well as that of his daughter Angela Trindade a well known artist herself. The famed Goan painter was born in Sanguem Goa but was well celebrated not just here at home but also in Mumbai and the European nations as well.

Fundacao Oriente houses a beautiful collection of around 140 paintings-both portraits and landscapes and showcases the distinctive artistic styles of the artists’ in question. Now I wouldn’t call myself a great art enthusiast but such great work doesn’t need you to be one, it’s so plainly beautiful it instantly grabs ones attention. The fabulous life like images and the amazing techniques used, leaves one in admiration of the art as well as the artist.

Some eye catching pieces are the portrait of his own wife which is beautifully done and captures the raw emotions, the portrait of the cook, the artists’ family by lamplight and many more.

Personally it was a treat to watch this near to perfect life like paintings, a world class work of an excellent artist and I would definitely recommend it you as well.

While there are numerous things you can do in Fontainhas-a quick visit to this museum is always a good idea if you are an art lover and even if you are not. A dedicated half an hour or so is good enough to relish the work. Add this to your to do list the next time you visit Fontainhas.

Monday-Saturday-10:00 am to 5:00 pm-

Sundays and public holidays closed.

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