Dining at a 20 year old restaurant in Goa! Alua-Verna

“Food is a universal experience that binds us as all together.” That’s not just a quote I randomly picked up, but really pondered over it as well. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say food is an experience, an emotion.

Well today’s post is about a place in South Goa, to be precise about a restaurant which has a legacy of being 20 years and more in the hospitality industry, a restaurant that I recently visited.

If you have travelled from the Goa airport towards the capital city Panjim perhaps you may have come across this place called Verna which seems busy with the vehicles rushing by on the main highway which for a long was the only thing i knew abut that place, but if you take a mini diversion and ride through the picturesque bypass road of the village, you’ll be treated with quiet pleasantries from the beautiful homely sites you’ll encounter. Nearing the Verna church lies this restaurant that I was invited to, Alua- Verna. It’s a part of a three chain restaurant, Alua(Merces) and another one which  is quiet famous up in North Goa-Yaki zushi.

So this time when I happened to visit Alua-Verna, I was quiet surprised with all that the place had to offer. Well Alua is not just a restaurant but they do have a rooftop hall(1000 people capacity) which their give out for parties and weddings, a lawn, a conference hall(50-60 people), a board room, a restaurant and to my major surprise a discotheque too. So all your party needs are sorted out at one place on the go.

Coming to the main reason for my visit-FOOD!

So let’s talk about the restaurant.

The restaurant reminds one  of a Goan house with the neatly tiled roof and the warm homely feeling it gives out. It is a restuarant specialising in Goan food while they also serveIndian and continental cuisines. You’ll also find varied seafood dishes here-but i skipped that this time.

So here is all that I tried.  

Warming up with some drinks, we went with the Strawberry delight which was fab, it had a beautiful tangy flavour balancing the sweetness of the strawberries. We also tried the Virgin colada which was good, but I’d rather happily opt for their strawberry delight. So it was that good. (Take it from an otherwise strawberry drink hater!)

For starters we tried Gobi Manchurian which was cooked in a thick garlicky sauce and was one of the dishes I loved, also we tried the Pepper chicken which was again well cooked with a hint of of that garlicky flavour.

Further we tried the Veg kurma which I can say stands out as their best and I highly recommend this one single dish . For accompaniment we  had the Cheese naan which was again fresh and cheesy and crispy, just how I like it.

Next up we were served the Egg fried rice, the quantity of this was great and along with it Chicken xacuti which was a little spicy for my taste but was a huge bowl of that Goan delicacy.

The meal ended with some sweetness, Goan special Serradura which was light and airy and creamy. The next dessert, which though usually I would avoid ordering in a restaurant because I like my home version better, Alua surprised me on this one-the caramel pudding here is definitely love!

After trying all that i could, finally as my verdict I would say that the service was quick, the servers were friendly and helpful and and also gave us the needed privacy (no one likes the prying eyes of waiters staring and waiting for customers to finish and get going right?). Here there was no disturbances and we could nicely enjoy our meal in peace

Alua is a massive property and a great option for hosting parties as well. They are throwing in great offers on their party halls for this December 2020. The discounts are unbelievable. Go grab them if you’re planning of hosting up a party or an upcoming wedding this festive season.(I’ll leave the details below for y’all)

So overall my experience in this humble restaurant was pleasant, the food quantity was good, the taste and ambience also deserves a thumbs up.

Do add up this restaurant to your list if you’re visiting Goa and want to try some local cuisine.

That’s much from me.

Spread the love, and share the food.😉


Igniting horizons.

Alua-Verna contact:9552392080

Address: H.no 158 ,Bypass road, near Verna church.

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