Trying out the juiciest burgers in Goa-Cafe Basil, Miramar.

A warm earthy artistic ambience, cozy environment and bigger than your appetite portion of the juiciest burgers, that is what sums up cafe basil.

Starting from the Miramar circle, two left’s followed by a right will drop you at it’s doorstep.

Its a pretty little cafe and this wasn’t my first time here, but it was this very hungry state of mine this time that truly made me appreciate the meal.

As you enter the cafe you are sure to notice the earthy ambience with portraits and pictures hanging around on the wall giving it a very cool look. I have always loved the interiors, which puts you in a very different mood, and makes you feel comfortable instantly.

They also have a small one shelve mini library, incase you need company. And a guitar as well if you even be in the mood.

Well. Lets get to the soul of any restaurant-THE FOOD. I wouldn’t say they have a huge menu, but whatever they have they are a ace at it. The menu ranges from sandwiches to pasta to breakfast options to milkshakes and coolers.

(Check the picture below for the entire menu)

Since I was in a mood for a burger, we (offcourse I had company, and pretty good one at that) tried the Bbq chicken burger and Thicc chicken burger both prized amazing for a burger that size,at INR Rs.200 each.

The bbq was a bit spicy for my taste but I Bbq is supposed is be hot. Isn’t it? It had a very good amount of meat and was well seasoned.

I loved the Thicc chicken which was a crispy patty with stuffings, had a crispy crunch feel and tasted great.

The bun for both was huge.The quantity open hearted. They came along with fries which require special mention as they were fresh, crisp and the best part was they were seasoned with herbs and oregano. Something I personally liked. The dip of mayo along was delicious too.

Ok..moving ahead I was also craving for a milkshake from a long time and trust me I have never ever tasted a milkshake as good as theirs. I order just one first but the icecream rich chocolate shake was too yumm that I gulped it down in one go. It was rich and totally totally worth the price of INR Rs.140/-

So I ordered another one and that was amazing too. What stopped me from ordering another one was only the fact that I was super full…like totally! The milkshakes were good to the core and I wouldn’t think a moment to drop by again to satisfy my milkshake cravings the next time.

The quantity of the food and drinks in Cafe Basil is so good. It definitely put’s a huge happy SMILE on your face and your tummy too..😋

The ambience of the place would go to another level if it could be a little more spacious . That’s it.. Leaving that aspect all the other factors are a big thumbs up.

It’s a great place to enjoy some great food and shoul be on your list of you must try cafes especially of you are a bugger fan.

Note: The cafe remains close during the afternoons.. so check the timings before you go.

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